The Race Course

The Course

The 12 Hours of Penitence features a 17-mile lap that gains 1700 feet in elevation per lap.  Nearly 80% of the course is intermediate/advanced desert single-track riding!  There is a short hike-a-bike section if you choose to ride the Joker Lap through Penitente Canyon.

  • Solo riders will achieve as many laps as they can within the 12 hour time limit.
  • Duo and Trio Team riders will ride the course as a relay, having only one team member on the course at any given time. Once one team member finishes a lap, the next team member will start a lap.  Slap bracelets will be used as batons.

Joker Lap Mechanics

  • All solo racers and at least one rider from each team must complete a minimum of one Joker Lap through Penitente Canyon to be considered for podiums.
  • All racers will be issued a Joker Lap sticker at the start of their lap (remember to get yours from the timing area before starting a lap).  These are zip tied to the handlebar of the racer’s bike.
  • Riders may choose to ride the alternate route avoiding the hike-a-bike section through Penitente Canyon, but a 25 minute time penalty will be added to the lap time.
  • Joker lap stickers will be removed from racer’s bike if they choose to ride the alternate lap.  Please stop at the marshal station for sticker removal.
  • Any racers finishing a lap without the Joker Lap sticker on their handlebars will be considered an alternate lap rider.

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