Racers, Volunteers, Sponsors, & Vendors

The 2nd Annual 12 Hours of Penitence planning and registration is on for 2017!

Are you a rider interested in registering?

12HOP Registration is OPEN! To register, click HERE! Options include:

  • Female Solo
  • Male Solo
  • Female Duo
  • Male Duo
  • Coed Duo
  • Female 3-person
  • Male 3-person
  • Co-ed 3 person

Not riding, but you want to volunteer?

Great!! We’ll have Volunteer Sign Up opening up soon! Check this site and our 12 HOP Facebook page for updates in the very near future.

Interested in sponsoring this year’s race?

We send a big THANK YOU to all of the individuals and companies helping make 12HOP happen through sponsorship funds. You can also support this year’s race by becoming a sponsor! Check out the Sponsor page today for more information.

Interested in being a Vendor?

This year’s race is centralized, so everything riders, volunteers, and attendees/visitors need will be within Penitente Canyon. Are you a vendor  interested in being on site for this great event? Visit the Vendor page to learn more.

More info:

As always, if you have any questions, send us an email at 12hoursofpenitence@gmail.com!


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