Race Rules


  • Be kind to everyone. Nobody likes “that guy”. Don’t be that guy.
  • Racers shall complete the entire race on the same bicycle upon which the race was begun.
  • If somebody is hurt on course and you find them, it is YOUR responsibility to find a course marshal and let them know. We have an advanced medical team with helicopter and ambulance support if needed, but we need to know of the injury before help can be summoned.
  • Only registered racers may compete in an event. Each racer must display an official race number plate.
  • All competitors must wear a properly secured helmet, complying to DOT or CPSC Standards at all times during competition.
  • Competitors are responsible for having their bike in good operating condition. The racer or a 3rd party may make repairs during the race.
  • Deviation from the marked course will result in disqualification unless the competitor reenters the course at point of exit.
  • Designated aid stations are available; please try to use them to avoid interference with other racers; there are no restrictions on when or where you eat or drink on the course.
  • Do not litter the course with a gel packet, food wrappers or other waste. Keep our trails beautiful.
  • A competitor on their bike has the right-of-way over one pushing their bike.
  • It is the responsibility of an overtaking rider (or passer) to pass safely. No racer is expected to stop their race to allow other racers to pass. However, no rider shall intentionally impede the progress of another. A rider should make his/her presence known when overtaking a slower rider (i.e. “On your left. Please!” – remember rule #1).
  • The race director, in case of severe injury to a rider, threatening weather or emergency issue, may stop the race.
  • Racers must heed the instruction of medical personal and/or course marshals attending to an injured rider or in the case of extreme weather.
  • Protests must be reported to or filed with timing official within 30 minutes of your race completion. All results become final as of the presentation of awards.
  • Final interpretation of the rules is up to the race director. These individuals have control over all competitors, scorers, and officials at their event and their decision on these rules, and any situations not specifically covered by these rules is final.

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