Your Input is Welcome and Necessary

As you may know, when the BLM takes on a project like this, they open it up for public comment. This process is great as it allows for lots of people to voice lots of opinions; the trick to it, as is true with politics and beyond, is that often those in favor become apathetic and those opposed become loud. I need you to go in and loudly state your positive support of this new race!

Not only is it going to bring hundreds of cool racing folk to the San Luis Valley but its also going to enhance the riding at Penitente Canyon – thanks to Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, the BLM and our race staff – further supporting the efforts of the good folks of Del Norte, Alamosa, Saguache, La Garita and even Salida.

We have until March 30 to rally as many comments of support as we can – so please, voice yours and be sure to pass along the information. For more details about the race, proposal and expected impact, visit:

To submit a comment, please contact Sean Noonan, Outdoor Recreation Planner, at 719-849-3149, or by email to


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